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Beamsteering Imaging Radar

Beamsteering Imaging Radar

The Need for Advanced Analog Radar

Many of the safety requirements, as well as expectations for a smooth riding experience, facing the auto industry cannot be met using only today’s sensors, including current state-of-the-art digital beamforming (DBF), virtual arrays, or MIMO radars. Leading automakers need an innovative radar that provides longer range, high resolution, greater angular accuracy, object classification, and most importantly consistent stable performance in all weather and operating conditions. The radar of the future must be delivered today to give auto makers the technology required to deploy advanced features for safety and comfort. State of the art analog radar delivers critical features including next-generation adaptive cruise control, lane change assist, and automated emergency braking. Clearing remaining hurdles is a must for ensuring the highest levels of repeatable and dependable safety adherence while gaining long-term community acceptance.

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Intelligent Automotive Beamsteering Radar

5D Imaging, Long-Range, High-Resolution 77GHz Radar with Imaging Capabilities

  • Breakthrough technology using advanced analog and digital radar signal processing 

  • Based on best in class highly integrated Antenna in Package (AiP) modules using beamforming and steering Marconi ICs

  • Simultaneous hybrid MIMO algorithms for higher frame rate

  • Pencil/Fan beams covering wide FoV while maintaining very low sidelobes, reducing interference

  • Integrated Tier2 transceiver MMIC

  • Embedded AWARETM AI engine for object classification (5th Dimension) 

  • High number of simultaneous object detections

  • High-range Doppler accuracy


Core Technology

SPEKTRA  platforms for automotive and aerial imaging radar sensing enable unmatched range and point-cloud resolution in all weather conditions, fulfilling the needs of today’s missing ADAS sensor. The core Metawave technology combines the best of analog front-end beamforming and steering Antenna in Package (AiP) modules, hybrid MIMO architectures, and simplified back-end digital signal processing enabling faster frame rate and 5 dimensional radar capabilities (range, velocity, angular accuracy or resolution in the horizontal and vertical directions and real-time object classification)