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Yes, Elon. Radar is necessary for full self-driving (FSD)

Digital-only radar solutions are not sufficient for the highly automated driver assist systems (ADAS) that Tesla (and just about every other vehicle maker on the planet) knows they need for even partial autonomous driving.

Tesla recently submitted an application to the U.S. Federal Communication Commission (FCC) indicating that it plans to add radar technology to its vehicles beginning in 2023. As many media outlets pointed out at the time, Tesla will, in fact, be “re-adding” radar capabilities since they removed a previous generation of radar they had earlier implemented. Forbes went as far as to say, “Tesla May Be Adding Radar, Which is the Crutch They Definitely Need.” What Tesla is slowly beginning to realize is that there will be no full-self-driving (FSD) vehicles or autonomy without long-range imaging radar technology.

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