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Metawave to Exhibit at Detroit Auto Show

Long-range imaging radar hardware, software, and perception products for Commercial/Defense Ground and Aerial vehicles. Metawave modules also enable V2V communication - join executive team in the Startup Area

Technology/Product Areas: Autonomous Vehicle Hardware, Autonomous Vehicle Software, Connected Vehicle Technology, Personal Mobility/Last Mile, Sensors, and Smart City & Infrastructure

Technology/Product Description: Long-range imaging radar hardware, software, and perception products for Commercial/Defense Ground and Aerial vehicles. These modules also enable V2V multi-functional capabilities.

Problem we're looking to solve: None of today's or emerging radar, camera, and lidar sensors able to detect pedestrians at 250m and cars beyond 800m with high resolution imaging modes in all weather conditions. In 2017, there was a need to adopt military- grade radar technologies based on analog phased arrays by reducing the cost, size, and power consumption while integrating them with best-in-class digital MIMO radar algorithms, Machine Learning training Neural Net, and real-time object classifications. This is what Metawave achieved and patented since inception: solving the missing sensor and perception capability the right way instead of focusing on incremental improvement in the digital domain only.

Company Description: Metawave is delivering the long-range all-weather all-terrain imaging sensing, perception, and V2V capability to accelerate the transition to highly automated and fully autonomous ground and aerial vehicles operation meeting safety and emerging Commercial and Defense goals. With its patented highly-integrated analog front-end modules and associated software stacks, Metawave is delivering the missing radar performance with unmatched longer range detection and perception based on novel machine learning and AI are delivered to automotive, tracking, trains, and Aerospace customers.

The core technology is based on combining the best of analog front-end beamforming and steering Antenna in Package (AiP) modules, hybrid virtual MIMO arrays architectures, and simplified back-end for faster compute systems.

With 300+ filed patents and 58 issued/allowed to date, Metawave has secured its place as the first to demonstrate best-in-class analog and digital radars for Mobility/Defense markets.

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