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Comprehensive Survey of Commercial mmWave Phased Array Companies

Read the full article on excerpt: Metawave Corporation is a provider of advanced radar for autonomous driving and wireless communications for 5G deployments and successfully demonstrated a first-of-its-kind phase controller to power its 77 GHz automotive radar platform, WARLORD™, for automotive and broad transportation applications. The phase controllers will also be deployed with Metawave’s novel antenna arrays to power its SABER™ platform for 5G and fixed wireless unlicensed deployments. Metawave’s SPEKTRA™ can detect and classify vehicles beyond 350 meters and pedestrians beyond 200 meters. All of Metawave’s platforms are integrated with AWARE™, Metawave’s proprietary AI software for object detection and classification as well as potential network planning and data load management for wireless deployments. Metawave ECHO™ passive relays are beautifully designed “smart mirrors” that bend and direct signals in areas of lower coverage. NTT DOCOMO successfully conducted a 5G trial using 28 GHz trial site and reflectors utilizing Metawave's 5G platform in Nov 2018.

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