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Outside to Inside

The Need for 5G mm-wave Repeaters and Reflectors
for Economical Deployment

5G is the next advancement in broadband wireless connectivity. It provides 100 times faster data speeds than 4G while supporting low-latency applications such as autonomous driving, making it possible for multiple devices to be highly responsive, and better connected simultaneously. 5G will allow us to transmit 10,000 times the traffic with less than 1 millisecond latency. And, it’s more reliable than prior cellular networks opening the doors to smart cities and roads.


While some 5G is being deployed in low sub-6GHz frequency bands, effective 5G rollout is in progress in the millimeter wave (mm-wave) spectrum, a specific part of the radio frequency (RF) bands between 24GHz and 100GHz, which have much shorter wavelengths. At these high frequencies, larger bandwidths are allocated to support higher network capacity and meet the increased demand for higher speed. Mm-wave’s shorter wavelengths can transfer data faster, even though the signal distance is shorter.

The effectiveness of mm-wave technology will be measured by its area coverage, signal reach, and required number of radios. For instance, the most difficult scenarios are reaching longer distances, closing backhaul links, and bringing signals through windows, walls, and around obstacles that can block the signal – all because of higher signal propagation losses and shorter wavelengths.


In summary KLONE offers:


  • Relays signals between Indoor Radios and nodes

  • Relays signals between Indoor radios and backhaul

  • Zero power and delay – ideal for factory automation

  • Lowest CAPEX cost for increased coverage

  • Can be used for advertisement messaging

  • Zero OPEX with Universal Designs

  • Measured gain 15-30 dB for wider reach

  • Ease of planning and Installation


Low-cost Repeaters & Reflectors are Critical to 5G’s Success

Metawave’s 5G platforms enable higher speeds, wider coverage, and ‘non-line-of-sight’ connectivity, using fewer radios in 5G deployed in cities, office buildings and malls, crowded stadiums and concerts, and other areas deploying 5G.

Metawave provides carriers with the world’s first active repeaters and passive relays for more effective indoor and outdoor 5G coverage. Metawave TURBO™ active repeaters boost signals thousands of times faster to extend coverage in challenging areas while dynamically locking along the direction if highest signal power.

Metawave KLONE™ passive reflectors are beautifully designed “smart mirrors” that bend and direct signals in areas of lower coverage. 

NTT DOCOMO successfully conducted a 5G trial using 28GHz trial site and reflectors utilizing Metawave's 5G platform in November 2018. Read more about our results with DOCOMO.

Metawave TURBO™ Active Repeater:
Enabling Economical 5G Deployments

Metawave steerable TURBO™ active repeater, with its purely analog design, boosts 5G signals without digitization. Designed specifically to amplify signals received from the base station, TURBO™ forms beams to boost coverage up to ~200 meters. TURBO™ active repeaters can be installed on light posts and buildings – both indoors and outdoors – to boost signals in specific and focused directions.

TURBO™ extends 5G wireless deployments in high traffic areas like busy cities, crowded arenas, bustling shopping malls, and active office spaces, as well as underutilized, hidden areas, like under bridges, distant corners, and through glass and walls.


TURBO’s DYNAMICALLY CONFIGURING ANTENNAS to lock in on the strongest signal strength by steering the beam in the analog space.

Beam Steering from -45 to 45

  • 100dB+ system gain

  • 5.5GHz amplified Bandwidth

  • 1GHz+ bandwidth with dual-polarized antennas

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5G platforms.

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