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January 5-8, 2023


Private Meeting in Metawave Westgate Suite 1610, CES 2023, Las Vegas NV>


November 7-9, 2022


"Enabling Automotive Connectivity with Long-Range High-SNR Low-Interference 76-81GHz Radars", IWPC TOYOTA Connected Mobility, San Jose, CA>

October 25-27, 2022


Participating in Mobility/Robotics session, Future Investment Initiative FII 6th, Riyadh Saudi Arabia>

September 14-15, 2022


"North America International Detroit Auto Show" during Industry Tech Days - AutoMobili-D (AMD) Technology Startup Exhibit area, Detroit MI >


September 7-8, 2022


"Driving Sensing and Perception Beyond Today's Capabilities" presentation, ADAS & Autonomous Vehicle Technology Conference, San Jose CA>

April 22, 2022

Future of Mobility Day, TDK Ventures 2022 Week: A thought leadership forum on Digital Transformation, Virtual>

April 20, 2022

High Performance Edge Radar based on Analog Beamforming/Steering and MIMO Virtual Arrays, IWPC - Which Direction is Automotive Radar Heading?, Virtual>

March 22, 2022

Beyond Radar Sensing - Plenary Speaker, IEEE 2022 Radar Conference, NYC>


​November 02-03, 2021
"Multi-mode Sensing and Fusion for UAM eVTOL Safety" session, Business of Automated Mobility Forum: Flight Path to UAM>


October 26-28, 2021
Presenting at "Investing in Electric Transportation" session, Future Investment Initiative>

October 24-25, 2021

 "Next Paradigm Shift in Moving and Connecting the World" session, ME Family Office Investment>


October 13-15, 2021

 "Future Networks: A Comprehensive Look at 5G and Beyond" session, IEEE 5G World Forum>


September 15, 2021

"Accelerating the next Wave of Automotive Technologies” round-table, Global Foundries Technology Summit 2021 (Virtual)>

September 07, 2021

“Key Milestones of Autonomous Vehicles” and "Future of Connected Autonomous Vehicles in Smart Cities” Keynote presentations, SVBF/IEVE  |  Day-1 : Autonomous Vehicles Day (Virtual)>


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