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Significance of Metawave in Aerospace & Defense

Metawave is the ONLY company delivering Military-Grade Phased Array radar solutions at 77GHz for ground vehicles and 24GHz for Airborne and Ground-to-Air counter UAS applications including next generation of autonomous combat robots and aircraft by delivering long range, high-resolution, all-weather, all-terrain, imaging radar and perception AI for real-time classification --- at a fraction of the cost of current capabilities & at scale.

- Proprietary hybrid radar solutions combining long-range Phased Array analog beamforming chip, digital MIMO imaging and advanced digital signal processing

- Extended radar beam distance and resolution well beyond competitors’ capabilities

- Calibrated Antenna in Package “AiP“ and RF-front-End “FE” module reduces transmission losses and increases accuracy

- Robust global patent portfolio covering key products including radar, antennae, IC, AI and other components

- Various end market applications across Commercial and Defense Aerial and Ground applications

ANTHEM™ Integration with HUDSON™ for Autonomous Off-Roads Army Vehicles

• Today’s radar are large, expensive, and power hungry since they operate over traditional low frequency spectrum – impossible to scale for emerging smaller agile aerial vehicles.

•Automotive radars, on the other hand, operate at much higher frequencies to fit in smaller areas. Consumer markets dictate for these radars to be extremely low cost.

• Driver assist and autonomous applications are pushing automotive “Imaging” radars to detect, track, and classify small objects such as pedestrians and bicycles at much longer ranges and within dense clutters.

• Metawave addressed this challenge by adapting defense phased array radars, the holy grail of all-weather sensing, through development of the industries’ first integrated semiconductor steerable front-end antenna modules and combining them with breakthrough architectures, driven by best-in-class radar and perception (AI & ML) algorithms.

• An industry leading U.S. Aerospace company pushed Metawave to duplicate its proven capabilities in Aerial by delivering the POLARIS beamformer chip in 2022.


With highest real-time labeling accuracy, ANTHEM™ is paving the way to build radar brain that operates independently from other sensors.  

Core Technology Benefits

 Operation in Complex and Unstructured Environment

 Offering Real-time perception and classification

 With Extended Long Range

 And High Angular Resolution

 Highest Frame Refresh Rate

All-Weather and All=Terrain Operation

Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Object Classification

  • By combining machine learning with HUDSON's unique sensing technology, we enable:

  • Object detection, classification, and tracking in real time using a proprietary deep neural network architecture

  • Resolution by training AWARE using our platform and AI algorithms to surpass conventional limits of precision

  • Adaptive Attention Network (AAN): Takes full advantage of ultra-fast beamsteering to tell the radar where to look next

  • Microdoppler signature extraction for enhanced pedestrian detection to perform object classification using the radar equivalent of one pixel over time

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