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RFIC Design Engineer


About Metawave:


Leveraging artificial intelligence and innovative analog beamsteering and beamforming technology, Metawave is advancing automotive radar and boosting 5G coverage, economically and efficiently. Metawave is building the first beamsteering radar system capable of distinguishing between objects in difficult driving scenarios and in all-weather conditions -- making cars safer and smarter. Metawave is also delivering its state-of-the-art 5G platforms for broader coverage. TURBO active repeaters and ECHO passive relays to enable faster, more efficient 5G and fixed wireless deployments to bring high-speed connectivity to billions of users as they connect in bustling cities, busy office buildings, crowded concerts and sporting events, and under-serviced pockets all around the world. 

Full Time Employment, located in Carlsbad, CA


Scope and Qualifications:

  • 5+ years of RF/analog or mixed-signal design experience, with 2+ years in mmWave RFIC/MMIC design

  • Design of on-chip switches, mixers, VCOs, LNAs and PAs as well as calibration methods

  • Understand how to design for high volume production

  • Education: Minimum of BSEE with a Master’s degree preferred

Field of Knowledge:

  • Deep understanding of system specification and capable of working with system architects to translate requirements into circuit requirements at IC level

  • Good understanding of signal modulation protocols and impact on performance

  • Familiar with RF transceiver architectures and their trade-offs

  • Ability to work with digital design engineers for optimum system performance

  • Understanding of RF fundamentals implementation and building blocks: LNAs, filters, mixers, couplers, VCOs, DCOs, LOs, PAs

  • Understanding of RF device modeling: noise parameters, parasitic inductance and capacitance modeling and de-embedding

  • Insights into packaging effects, supply isolations, high frequency ESD structures, and circuit layout for optimum RF performance

  • Clear understanding of noise, matching, linearity, and other device characteristics

  • Knowledge of de-sense and able to work closely with RF/HW/Antenna teams to optimize board layouts for de-sense mitigation

  • Experience with de-sense mitigation such as substrate isolation, return loops, package isolation, and frequency planning

  • Familiar with mix signal mode verification methodology

  • Familiar with on-chip characterization and debugging​

  • Experience designing various component blocks inside radio: RF front-ends, baseband filters/VGAs, LO/PLL circuits, data converters, power management circuits

Software and Testing Equipment:

  • Experience with circuit simulation tools such as AWR/MWO or ADS/Cadence

  • Experience with EM Simulation tools for 2.5/3D such as Axiem, Sonnet, Momentum, CST, or HFS

  • Experience with Semiconductor design tools such as Spectre RF/Silvaco TCAD

  • Experience with bench testing using VNA, spectrum analyzer, power meter, and impedance analyzer

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