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Highly-Integrated and Calibrated mmWave Front-End

Antenna in Package (AiP) Modules for
Fully Integrated Front-End Modules  

AiP Benefits

  • Substantial reduction in area

  • Increased reliability and yield

  • Higher RF integration

  • On-chip digital and analog controls

  • Quick development

  • Overall cost reduction and design complexity

  • Enable scalable architecture

Beamsteering with Tx AiP

  • High EIRP AiPs to focus the radar signal and enhance detection range.

Beamsteering with Rx AiP

  • High G/T using low noise SiGe amplifiers to improve radar performance and offer high SNR in long ranges.


  • Active circuit topology using high-gain amplification with integrated 360° phase shift capability using low bias voltage to support high transmit power applications.

  • Some modules also include embedded switch for TDD applications.

  • Designs are based on modular architecture is scalable to other frequency bands.

Metawave AiP.jpg
AiP Chips.png
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