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mmWave Integrated Circuits Die, Devices, and Modules

Front-End Beamforming ICs for Aerial Radar Electronically-Steerable Phased Array Antenna

Today’s mm-wave markets, such as 77GHz radar for Autonomous Vehicles, Fixed Wireless, and 5G networks rely heavily on deploying effective beamforming and steering functionalities using high gain phased array antennas with low side lobes.

The POLARISTM line of products enable players in these markets to build electronically-steerable antenna arrays using phase controller with 0°-360° phase-shifting capabilities using low DC bias voltage. In addition, Power Amplifiers and Low-Noise Amplifiers are also provided as stand-alone designs or integrated modules to offset losses inherited in mm-wave circuit designs.

  • For Low Cost, Lightweight, High Resolution, Long Range, All-Weather, and All-Terrain Multifunctional Applications

  • Packaged front-end beamforming ICs

  • On board calibration for precise steering and side lobe level control

  • High-speed SPI interface for faster response 



Full 360° active phase shift topology.



Active design for high gain amplification to compensate for mm-wave losses and meet target transmit power.


Active design for low-noise power amplification over broadband frequency range.




Active circuit topology using high-gain amplification with integrated 360° phase shift capability using low bias voltage to support high transmit power applications.


Designs are based on modular architecture is scalable to other frequency bands.

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